2009-06-28 25 -80

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Sun 28 Jun 2009 in 25,-80:
25.9102060, -80.3062207

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In a Publix supermarket in Miami Lakes


aperfectring - Coming from northern Coconut Creek. I will wear a white T-Shirt with the TCP and IP header definitions on it (upside down, so I can read them as a reference).

Million zillion - For identification, I can wear a t-shirt with (non-xkcd) stick figures on it, but I'm open to suggestions.



Maybe we can rearrange the produce to spell "XKCD". How about 4pm, just like on a Saturday? --Million zillion 21:44, 27 June 2009 (UTC)

Since we are both coming from the north (me further than you), maybe we should meet somewhere in Tamarac around 3:30PM and head down together, to save on gas. I'll bring my GPS unit. --aperfectring 00:49, 28 June 2009 (UTC)

Good idea. If you want to take the Sawgrass Expy (and then I-75 to Miami Lakes), then we can meet at the shops at Lakeview Square, just off the Atlantic Blvd. exit of the Sawgrass. I think there's a Dunkin Donuts there. Unless you'd prefer to take the Turnpike, in which case we can meet somewhere near the Commercial exit. --Million zillion 03:56, 28 June 2009 (UTC)

The sawgrass is easier to get to, but only slightly. My entrance is 441, so either way is pretty much the same. The dunkin donuts at lakeview square (its there according to their website) sounds as good a place as any. As on our previous attempt, I will be in the blue dodge stratus, but may go inside for a cup of coffee if I get there early. --aperfectring 04:09, 28 June 2009 (UTC)

The Sawgrass is the best option for me, so I'd say we have a plan. I'm driving a gray(ish) Acura. --Million zillion 04:49, 28 June 2009 (UTC)

I might get there... though, from where I am, Google shows the best route for me as going straight down I-95 and across the Palmetto Expressway, rather than the more roundabout route on the Sawgrass (with a toll), so I might go straight there and bypass the Lakeview meetup. Dtobias 12:53, 28 June 2009 (UTC)


Dtobias drove down from Boca Raton, and ultimately connected with aperfectring and Million zillion in what is apparently the first three-way meetup in South Florida, inside a Publix supermarket in Miami Lakes. It's fortunate that it was an indoor location given the nasty weather that seemed to start just in time for the expedition.

Aperfectring and Million zillion[edit]

Aperfectring drove down to the agreed upon convergence point at the Dunkin Donuts on Atlantic. Shortly after he arrived, Million zillion walked up and greetings were exchanged. After some discussion on which vehicle to take, we decided to go in Million zillion's. About halfway to the Publix supermarket where the hashpoint lay, South Florida's afternoon weather started being like it usually is, and dumping large amounts of rain. While normally not an issue for cubicle dwellers, such as ourselves, since we are inside at this time of day, today it provided troublesome travel conditions which we remedied by slowing down. Upon arrival at the hashpoint, we took a couple pictures in the car, shown below.

Finding and at the hashpoint[edit]

After unsuccessfully trying to dodge raindrops on the way to the store's entrance, we met up with Dtobias. After brief greetings in the entryway, we proceeded to attempt to get out of everyone's way while we determined how we were going to get to the actual spot. Many conversations of false walls, inaccurate GPS location in buildings, and aimless wandering around near the hashpoint, we decided we were over thinking it, and just declared a point to be it. We most definitely walked right over the point, or right next to it, we just couldn't accurately identify it. We then proceeded to interrupt everyone's shopping by taking pictures, and talking of the trials and tribulations of being a geohasher in South Florida.

The parting of ways[edit]

Since, after all, there is very little to actually do inside a grocery store except buy groceries, we decided that it was best to leave. Also since the weather wasn't really conducive to going and having a picnic nearby, we decided to part ways. Million zillion and aperfectring went back to the car, and decided to play backgammon to let the storms clear up a bit before getting back on the highway. Unfortunately, aperfectring had never played backgammon before, and Million zillion was a bit rusty on the rules. So we instead played a game vaguely resembling backgammon, a pseudo backgammon, if you will. After the game, we decided either the weather wouldn't clear up any more, or it was just about over, so we headed back up to the Dunkin Donuts to bid farewell until next time.