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Tue 23 Jun 2009 in Flensburg, Germany:
54.3359257, 9.9058811

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Far into a field just east of Krummwisch, about 15km west of Kiel.


Staying at a friends' place in Kiel that week, I had been in Preetz for a visit to my aunt's homestead on this Tuesday. I left there around 17:00, with the intention to cache my way through the rural areas to the day's hash. The trip turned out a bit longer and more exhausting than I had expected; also, I had to stare into the low western sun all the time. My GPS did a pretty good job of auto-routing, using a routing capable OSM/topo map, which was a relief since I had to go in a zig-zag pattern over small roads and field tracks with no straight cycling routes going through that area.

One of the gravel tracks I had to use actually did not consist only of sand and small stones, but had a significant amount of green and clear broken glass, as well as ceramic fragments mixed in. I have no idea what the idea behind that was, but I was lucky and made it back onto paved roads without any sherds in my tyres.

From the satellite imagery, I expected the point to be in a field, but close to a line of bushes going through it, and hoped I could walk along those bushes. As I arrived, I found the line of bushes starting only about 20m into the field, well guarded with tall stinging nettle plants, and otherwise surrounded with dense crops. I made it to about 180m from the hash on the main road, then went through Krummwisch and looked at the field from the other side, a bit over 400m away from the spot.

I hadn't found any open restaurants on my way from Preetz and hadn't had dinner yet, so I was getting pretty hungry and munched a plain, whole grain bun while watching the sun set. When I arrived back in Kiel, it was well past 22:00, but still light out - a surprising thing for someone used to solstices a couple of graticules further south.

Note that I didn't reach the coordinates, so the virgin graticule achievement for Flensburg is still available!