2009-04-24 49 12

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Fri 24 Apr 2009 in 49,12:
49.1548551, 12.1314059

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In a forest near Ramspau. About 20km north of Regensburg.

dawidi with Tomcat on 2009-04-23[edit]

2009-04-24 49 12 2009-04-23 tomcat dawidi.jpg

An inverse retro expedition: the coordinates for this hash fell just 500m west of a geocache we had planned to find on our way to the 2009-04-23 49 12 geohash, so we made a slight detour and visited these coordinates as well, even though we were a couple of hours early. Not a special place by any means, just somewhere in the woods.


Somehow, I wasn't really happy with having been to these coordinates but not being able to claim it as a successful expedition. Also, the weather was nicer (dry, clear, sunny, and warmer) than on the previous day, so I decided to go there again on my own. I left the office around 17:30, bought a strawberry-flavored milk drink (which I downed immediately) and some chocolate, and then cycled all the way to the last turn in the forest before the hash non-stop. Then I went back and forth for a bit, looking for the correct (shorter) way to the hash, found the existing OSM coverage of that area to be not only incomplete (which is to be expected) but also pretty inaccurate (which I did not normally see with OSM). Found the right path, pushed my bike uphill to the hash, and then stood about 70m south of the hash for some time to record the ambient forest noises.

Then I went back down into the valley, continued on to the 2009-04-23 49 12 hash again, and finally cycled home, arriving at 22:00. Where I had been pretty cold even with a jacket the day before (when the temperature had gone down to 5°C), I was now quite comfortable in just a long-sleeved shirt.

Ambient sound[edit]

Here is an MP3 recording of the ambient sounds at the hash. Note that this is a binaural recording, not "regular" stereo sound - please listen to it on headphones for the full "immersive" effect. (There are no sudden loud noises in the recording, it's safe to turn up the volume.)