2009-04-23 49 12

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Thu 23 Apr 2009 in 49,12:
49.1731974, 12.1564013

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Next to a small lake, at the foot of the mountainous forest previously seen at 2009-04-03 49 12, north of Ramspau. About 20km north of Regensburg.

dawidi with Tomcat[edit]

On the previous evening, we agreed that we would visit this hash by bike after work, and I suggested making a tiny detour up into the forest at Ramspau to find a geocache. On the day of the expedition, the coordinates for 2009-04-24 49 12 were announced, and fell just 500m west of said geocache!

We met in the north of Regensburg at 18:00, I mounted a camera to my handlebar and wired it to a small video recording gadget Tomcat had brought, and we cycled north along the Regen river. The weather had been unstable all day, with occassional rain and even hail showers. During the first few kilometers there was a very slight drizzle, then the sun came out again.

About a kilometer before reaching Ramspau, we turned left and made our way up into the woods on a sandy track that was not (properly) mapped on OSM yet. After a very short and light hail shower, we missed a turn onto another improperly mapped path and instead made a detour of about 1.5km before we reached the next day's coordinates, then continued on to the geocache. When we left the overgrown ruins of an old stone tower after logging the find, the sun had long set already and we coasted down to Ramspau through the dark-ish forest. After another 2.5 kilometers or so, we finally arrived at our actual destination - today's coordinates.

The point was on a track between a small lake and a rocky slope at the edge of the forest, with a rather nice view into the Regen valley. We stood there for some time, watching bats zip around through the dusky sky above our heads, and trying to take flash photos of them. I sort of succeeded, once. I mentioned I would like to bring good audio recording equipment to a hash sometime and record the ambient sounds...

It was getting dark and rather cold, so we hurried back to Regenstauf, where we ate dinner at the same restaurant we had visited on 2009-04-03 49 12, and then cycled the rest of the way back home, arriving a bit after 0:30 in the morning.


A rather trippy time-lapse video of the ride from Regensburg to the hash, via the next day's hash and the geocache, is available on YouTube.


dawidi on 2009-04-24[edit]

After visiting 2009-04-24 49 12, I came here again to take somewhat better images (shorter after sunset) and to make an audio recording.

Ambient sound[edit]

Here is an MP3 recording of the ambient sounds at the hash. Note that this is a binaural recording, not "regular" stereo sound - please listen to it on headphones for the full "immersive" effect. Besides birds singing, you can hear a motorcycle and a car passing by on the other side of the valley, and maybe you can also make out some very soft watery sounds from the lake. (There are no sudden loud noises in the recording, it's safe to turn up the volume.)