2009-03-24 -35 149

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Tue 24 Mar 2009 in -35,149:
-35.6026123, 149.1056386

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A geohash on hugs lane? Nemo is a hugslut. How could he not?!

A speedy Elizadventure ensued, and a nobatteries hash reached by Nemo and Elizabeth. :D

Nemo and Elizabeth earned the No Batteries Geohash Achievement
by reaching the (-35, 149) geohash on 2009-03-24.
Is it true that Nemo and Elizabeth earned the Speed Racer Achievement?
In principle, yes.
But actually, it was not on a road, but on a meadow.
Also, they were not racing, but rehashing.
Fortunately, that was achieved not by Nemo and Elizabeth, but a cow. (2009-03-24 -35 149).

A local neighbour came out and said hi, we explained geohashing in a nutshell and he was suitably amused :)