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Sat 14 Mar 2009 in 52,13:
52.5407367, 13.1119046

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Celebrate π day. The hash fell on a field or meadow right next to the border between the states of Berlin and Brandenburg, next to the train stations of either Staaken, Albrechtshof or Seegefeld.


We left home at five past three. Trains would be going every half hour to one of the stations listed above, so we did not check the schedule. Chance brought us to Albrechtshof at quarter to 4pm. We were greeted by a magnificent steppe landscape, used by the local populace to walk their dogs. We met lots of dogs. Actually, this would have to be the place where the (outer, not so famous) Berlin wall would have run along twenty years ago. We will remember the roads close by for our next walking speed racer attempt.

Now, to relets great discomfort, the GPS was unable to get a fix. All the fiddling and rebooting and resetting of satellite configurations, and neither a lot of patient waiting would help. So we sat down on the ridge of a ditch overlooking the field where we estimated the hash to be. We let the GPS look for satellites on its own, and began celebrating π day. We brought a πe baked by relet. Πe of the afternoon, beautiful πe!. Meet your maker, πe! After having degustated the πe comme il faut, we continued our way a little further up the path, where we expected a geocache. However, the GPS still had no fix. We therefore turned back, crossed the ditch and walked along the edge of the meadow, to make sure we would have been at the hash - wherever it may hide.

We declared a πpe leading over the ditch to be the exact location of the geohash (would this qualify as a bridge if we were able to prove it?) and took the obligatory stuπd grin shot.

The πpe is actually visible on the satellite images and lies just 10m ENE of the actual hash position.

Then, we returned to a paved turning place a little further back (with a nice graffito on the nearby building) and set up a court of π-ball. (click here for the rules) It was lots of fun! ..and we played until the sun set. We then decorated the concentric court a little further to tell other people what has been played here.