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Sat 14 Feb 2009 in 51,7:
51.8253397, 7.1710255

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Arvid fell off his bike Thursday morning, and therefore needed a new steer. That required a ride to the recumbent shop in Winterswijk (35km one way) and from there the closest hashpoint was 10km closer than from home. I really need to do some longer distances than 100km, and the weather was very nice, so there I went.

The only thing that might have kept me from doing it was the pain in my butt from my fall on Thursday. It really hurt and on Friday I still felt it. (I still do actually)



Arvid's tracklog by bicycle.

First I was off to the recumbent shop in Winterswijk, where I fetched my steer. I left home around 11:25 and arrived there around 12:45. Nice weather, little bit of backwind. I planned to leave there at 14:00, or between 14:00 and 14:15. It became 14:30, and I knew that meant I really had to keep the pace up to be at the hash at 16:00.

Somewhere along the way I found out I cycled about 250m next to a hashpoint where I was in october. Who deletes old hashpoints from their GPS anyway? Back then it was dark and rainy/foggy. I didn't recognize anything. I was cycling on a cycleway and I doubt I did that back then. I probably didn't see it.

Just before Reken, where I also had been in october, I missed a turn which led me over a hill. And then back over the hill. At that point I knew it would be highly unlikely to be at the hash at 4pm. Looking back with the gps logs on my screen I estimate that cost me only 3 minutes, maybe even less.

When I saw a clock in Reken that showed 15:47 I knew I wasn't gonna make it. I estimated it would take me about 25 minutes from the edge of Reken to the hash, and that was apparently a very good guess.

The hash itself was, as expected, in a field! It wasn't frozen, as the mud really stuck to my shoes again, but it was cold anyway. The way back didn't go very well, I don't really know what to blame, headwind, hills, my eating habits of the day, or just my general physical state. Anyway, I reached home around 19:10.