2008-10-24 51 6

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Fri 24 Oct 2008 in 51,6:
51.8808196, 6.9452232

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Arvid could nicely combine this hash with a visit to ACE, a recumbent shop in Winterswijk, and | Rose Biketown in Bocholt. Arvid did have to do some administration first though. And by the time he was done with that it was raining. So he waited until he was sure the saturday hashes were rubbish, and left after 16:00.


  • Cycled 130.8km.
  • Also crossed the border on a place where I didn't cross it before. Well, not for geohashing.



Actually, I left home about 16:25. I arrived at ACE around 17:50. Disturbing the dinner of the people working there. I asked one clear question about the volume of a pair of bags, and told them my thoughts about a new bike. I testdrove a RaptoBike for a few blocks. Sadly, I was constantly rubbing my thigh against the upper chain wheel. And that was even without clicking pedals and my foot on the outside of the pedal. This is a letdown, since this bike is a lot cheaper than comparable ones. I did however get a price of that with my wishes included(like a Rohloff). I kind of knew that already. Lots o' Money.

Around 18:50 I left, since Rose closes at 20:00, and it's just over 19km from ACE. So I needed an hour, and some time to get my broken Sigma 1606L replaced with a new one (although I already bought a new one). Around 19:35 I arrived at Rose Biketown, and now I have two Sigma 1606L bikecomputers! Hurray! I looked around, but except for shoes I have no bikestuff I want or need atm. And going to try shoes 10-15 minutes before closing time... nah.

I took some pictures, and left just before 20:00. And got lost in Bocholt. At 21:20 I arrived at the intended parking spot for my bike. I was approaching it from the north, since from the south would go over the ground really close to a farm. That might alert dogs. Around 21:30 I reached the hashpoint, in some already harvested fields. At 21:50 I was on my way again, around midnight I arrived home.