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Sat 10 Jan 2009 in 51,7:
51.8659580, 7.2797711

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Arvid just had to try again. Although it was still freezing it would be a clear and sunny day, and it's full moon, so even after sunset the darkness should be no problem.

The last snow has been quite a couple of days ago, so most roads will be clear by now. The total trip would be around 110km, which would be a great training, and the first time I'd do 100+km in a month or so. The Plan: Ahaus, Legden, Coesfeld, Dülmen (well, close to).


  • Failed so miserably I'm not even counting my cycling kms(22). Most appropriate prize is:
  • Prize poultry. Earlier I thought it was Mother nature's bitch. I did leave the house and was fully prepared (I still have a bottle of energydrink prepared in my fridge, made from powder before I left). It was a combination of common sense and mother nature really.


Arvid's tracklog by bicycle.

Let's just say the roads weren't clear. Well, at least the cyclingways out of town weren't.

Around 13:40 I left home. 10 minutes(2.5km) later I fell off my bike at a crossing so icy it would've been a miracle if I had made the corner without falling off. At that point I started thinking about what to do. The road I just came over wasn't brilliant, and all the other roads here did look like ice all over as well. Apparently I was very wrong about these roads being clear. I took some pictures since I was off my bike anyway.

I went back and took another, more busy road. At least I was going to reach Germany today. The roads were ok, but the cyclingways next to them were... not clear. Not very bad, but no good to keep anything of a decent pace. I'd be more focusing on staying upright than on going forward. That's not my idea of a nice 50km ride. Or twice that. As long as I could cycle on the road in Germany it was ok as well, but I knew that there was a cycling road ahead where I really didn't want to take the normal road instead. And I'd not even be halfway. I had no idea about what the roads were like after Ahaus. I decided not to go to Ahaus but do my normal training round instead, cycling in the direction of Alstätte, taking the L572. There is a cycleway for a bit there. I made some pics of that. After 150m I decided to take the main road instead. I didn't dare to go >10km/h on that icy bit of cycleway, and I knew the cycleway would end before the junction I was gonna take anyway(to the L575), so cars should be used to bikes on the road here.

At the crossing of the L575 and L560 I took some more pictures. At 14:45 I was home again.