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All locations: .8659580, .2797711
Globalhash: 65.872443169663, -79.282397359195 (GeoNames)

Photo Gallery

Expeditions and Plans

Melbourne, Australia Stephen Somewhere
San Francisco, California Darcy, seven intrepid explorers (we lost one, possibly to an ogre from another kingdom), megan On Bancroft Way in Berkeley, between California and Spaulding.
Washington (West), District of Columbia Chuckrex 2009-01-10 38 -77 The Washington DC West meetup only produced one pers...
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Chris Someone called Chris wanted to try to be there, as it was "the first one in...
Newark, New Jersey Someone went Just off Passaic Avenue, north of West Caldwell.
Seattle, Washington Thomcat North of Lynnwood, South of Mukilteo, a small park near the intersection of...
Sankt Gallen, Switzerland hagen, rafal, lukas, nahatanoj, nahtanoj At three in the afternoon, we set sail. Leaving Constance to the north, we ...
Landshut, Germany Tomcat Somewhere
Pforzheim, Germany Ekorren The hash is at the end of the town Muggensturm in the Rhine valley, bet...
Dortmund, Germany Arvid Arvid's tracklog by bicycle. Let's just say the roads weren't clear. Well,...

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