2008-12-28 51 7

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Sun 28 Dec 2008 in 51,7:
51.6702594, 7.8162637

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The hash was located in our native town, Hamm in Westfalen, Germany. It was close to a road, and only about 1km from the main station.



Hooray for easy geohash! This one was really close (taking the car-owner's point of view again) to our home. Right on our way to the station. It could not be missed. Besides, we were told that the famous "Eros center" resided in the street we were aiming at. This let us hope for a nice Calender Girl shooting location.
Well, this! is where it turned out to be. We kinda liked it, and were overwhelmed with joy to reach the exact coordinates (the GPS was a bit shaky on the last one digit, but we have trampled the whole surrounding area). Well, not the whole surrounding area, because there were some small frozen puddles, that we had to safe for the foto to get the Frozen Geohash Achievement! yay =)
Now we were getting ambitious, and decided to give the Calender Girl Achievement a try. This is one of us in the scenic surroundings right on the spot (really, I am trying my best). The other one of us decided to pose on the nearby museum train wagon.
Finally, we left the glorious mark on the ground.


relet certifies to have received a hashcard from this expedition: front, back, and a close-up of the stamp.