2008-11-20 -34 138

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Thu 20 Nov 2008 in -34,138:
-34.0567020, 138.6033959

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Photos will be up shortly.


On the side of Heards Hill Road, just out of Auburn.


UnwiseOwl and friends who assure me they'll get themselves a username sometime...

setsujoku who was one of the friends


After a nice dinner, we thought we'd go and do the second half of our multi-hash, even though it wouldn't count due to failing on the first. Armed with chocolate provisions and not quite enough fuel, we set off into the sunset singing along to the dulcet tones of Elvis, the Beatles and various other similar artists thanks to Cruise FM (Adelaide's timeless classic music), and to the great consternation of one of my fellow hashers, who was sitting up close to the speakers.

After failing to find a nearby geocache(our nightime caching record is HORRIBLE) we arrived at the hash, and marked the point with a couple of brnanches shoved into the fence. One of the unnamed ones had brought his new camera, so for once I have some quality photos to show, even if they are rather marred by having me in them (why does that always happen?).

We had planned to earn the circus achievement by performing a human pyramid, but were unable to work out how to set the time delay on the fancy camera with far too many buttons, but I insisted we still try and win something, and set about looking for something to juggle. We couldn't find anything but cans of lemon fizzy drink, but I decided that they would have to do, so I stood well back from the car and commenced to juggle. The thing about juggling in the dark, of course, is that you can't really see what you're doing. The thing about juggling cans of fizzy drink, of course, is that they're irregular, but not irregular enough to get a nice spinning motion going. The other thing about juggling cans of fizzy drink is they are liable to explode when they hit the ground. Thus, once we had all been sprayed with lemon squash (including the person sitting in the car, the entire side of the car, the inside and outside of the windshield, the steering wheel, the dashboard, and most of the interior (I really shouldn't have left that door open)) we settled down to watch Orion rise from the horizon. The stars were simply stunning away from the city lights, with no clouds or moon to dull them. I would have been tempted to sit and count them, but we had to get back to town before the petrol stations closed.

The lemon squash still tasted good.

setsujoku's view of the trip[edit]

setsujoku joined in for the ride, up north of the city. After earlier in the day completing the southern geohash, we headed home for a quick bite to eat, before setting off on our journey to Auburn. After a DNF on a nearby geocache, we eventually got to the hash site. With the stars out, and only the noise from the nearby machinery making their way through the fields, we found our GZ

After marking the site, we elected to watch UnwiseOwl attempt to juggle in the dark. The thing we didn't consider, was that UnwiseOwl doesn't always catch every item. A spray of lemon squash later, and we were all running for cover

Since we were well away from town, we took the opportunity to look up at the stars, taking in all that we don't usually get to see

With the fuel gauge going further south than where we were heading, we took the chance to fill up, before we had to resort to the long push home

Ribbons Earned[edit]

UnwiseOwl earned the Circus Geohash Achievement
by juggling explosives at the (-34, 138) geohash on 2008-11-20.
setsujoku earned the Multihash Achievement
by reaching the (-34, 138) and (-35, 138) geohashes on 2008-11-20.


To come soon.