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West of -30°: .5329261, .9345394
East of -30°: .0567020, .6033959
Globalhash: -79.793637490576, 37.222509008239 (GeoNames)

Photo Gallery

Expeditions and Plans

Adelaide, Australia setsujoku, UnwiseOwl On the side of Heards Hill Road, just out of Auburn.
Adelaide, Australia setsujoku, UnwiseOwl for the Southern Graticule of Adelaide landed in the garage of a home in Fl...
North Cascades National Park, Washington Robyn Despite impending rain, the North Cascades graticule looked doable today an...
Mannheim, Germany Pcb (Text taken from talk page) I did it - it was a tad boring, though. In the...
Schweinfurt, Germany Danatar in a forest near Altershausen and Sechsthal.
Fulda, Germany Danatar in a forest near Langenprozelten. The next bigger towns are Gmünden am Main...
Gjøvik, Norway lyx The hash was located in the Ringsaker graticule, but still inside the Oslo ...

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