2008-11-20 -35 138

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Thu 20 Nov 2008 in -35,138:
-35.0567020, 138.6033959

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Photos will be up shortly.


Today's geohash for the Southern Graticule of Adelaide landed in the garage of a home in Flagstaff hill.


Not to be deterred by a little thing like private property, UnwiseOwl and two dragged along buddies made trip trip up the hill.

Also at the same time, dragged along by some wise guy, setsujoku provided the transport, and also the camera!


UnwiseOwl's friends seemed quite keen to go along to this, despite it's difficult location. It was only partway that it became clear that it would be the Owl knocking on the door and asking politely for access, while the 'friends' sat back and laughed.

I'm not exactly good at social interaction at the best of times, and knocking on someone's door, introducing yourself and asking to hang out in their garage for a while is not exactly the best of times. Nevertheless I walked heroically up to the door and knocked, and was greeted with much aprehension.

As introduced myself very politely as being "Tom, from the internet", and explained that they were the lucky hosts of a randomly selected set of co-ordinates, the inhabitants of the hash didn't seem at all thrilled with the idea of people from the internet having their address, not even when I mentioned the possibility of a couch potato geohash. They certainly weren't going to let me into their garage. Maybe I need to work on my diplomacy, but I didn't think I was that scary. Anyway, it was with a heavy heart that I proceeded go up the driveway.

Very tempted to jump from the fence and get to the hashsite via the roof, I was intercepted by a couple of laughing friends who had managed to get the GPS within 4m of the site by leaning over the fence.

setsujoku's take on the frivolity[edit]

setsujoku came along for his virgin geohash. Tasked with providing the transport, taking photos, and standing back and laughing. In my efforts, i do believe that i succeeded on every front. With the UnwiseOwl wondering how he was going to handle having to knock on the door, we stood back peeking over the fence, whilst he attempted to look comfortable, and confident. Unfortunately 'The guy from the internet' wasn't as welcome as he had hoped, so with a smile and a wave, he bid them good day, and returned to the car. Not to be deterred, things were still looking up, with the aim of reaching the northern graticule after dinner, keeping spirits high

Ribbons Earnt[edit]

It's not an ambassador ribbon (where did community trust go?) but it'll do.

UnwiseOwl earned the No trespassing consolation prize
by almost reaching the (-35, -138) geohash on 2008-11-20.
setsujoku earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (-35, -138) geohash on 2008-11-20.