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2008-11-01 48 12 Tomcat Hans dAWiDi.jpg

Sat 1 Nov 2008 in 48,12:
48.9480077, 12.0622617

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In a muddy field between Niedergebraching and Bad Abbach, about 10km south of Regensburg.

Tomcat with Hans and dawidi[edit]

We met at the ferry in Großprüfening, then cycled along the Danube up to Unterirading (better known as "the Walba" for a popular restaurant). From there we went uphill, through Graßlfing and then circled in on the hash using field tracks in a somewhat indirect manner.

We parked our bikes on the side of the field the exact coordinates were in. One half of the field was covered in chaffed parts of corn plants and easy to walk on, but the hash was 14m into the other half, which had been cleaned up and re-sown already. We hesitated a bit, but, since the farmer was not in sight, decided to go there anyway, trying to tread very softly.

Back at the bikes, I (dawidi) deployed my R/C quadrocopter and first-person view equipment (i.e. onboard wireless camera + video goggles) for fun and aerial reconaissance. From about 50m up, it was clearly visible that despite our efforts, we had left our footprints in the otherwise maiden-like field. While at it, I also practised some more roll (sideways) loops that I'd only brought myself to try that morning, for the first time in 4 years of flying R/C aircraft.

By then, 16:00 had well passed and the sun was about to set, so we packed up and got going again, heading for a Geocache in a forest 4km west of the hash, across a valley. Finding the cache was quick and easy, but finding the way back out of the woods in the dark proved a bit difficult. Luckily, I'd been there before and mapped just exactly that footpath for OSM.

Cycling silently through the night, we returned to Großprüfening and split up there to go home.

Overall, a nice trip, and not as exhausting as I had expected, given that I had to compete against two electric power-assisted bikes. Also, notable as a "quadrathlon" for me - one of those awesome days where I get to enjoy several of my hobbies at once: geohashing, geocaching, R/C flying and openstreetmapping in this case :-)