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West of -30°: .1274886, .4908716
East of -30°: .7980240, .0469395
Globalhash: 53.644321984795, -163.10176638655 (GeoNames)

Photo Gallery

Expeditions and Plans

Peterborough, Australia UnwiseOwl In an extremely remote section of Mt. Remarkable National Park
Omaha, Nebraska Piratji21 The hash was located in a cornfield somewhere near Ithaca, NE. (Apologies f...
Budapest, Hungary Tom Tom went by bike from his home to the hashpoint and back home. A tracklog a...
Bamberg, Germany Danatar I took the Great Eastern Geohashing Bike Track (which is my main access to ...
Dortmund, Germany Arvid Arvid's tracklog by bicycle. Before leaving I needed to clean my chain. My...
Sarpsborg, Norway Relet Everything went as planned. It was a hot and stuffy day - somewhere in Mada...

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