2008-10-31 41 -96

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Fri 31 Oct 2008 in Omaha:
41.1274886, -96.4908716

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The hash was located in a cornfield somewhere near Ithaca, NE. (Apologies for the very late upload, this was a while ago.)



Around 3:30 CST, my friends and I headed out from the city with a car, a set of directions we consulted from time to time, a camera and a GPS device. After taking one of the major highways out of the city and haphazardly navigating the country roads in the country, we arrived at a spot near the hashpoint. We arrived at around 4:40, and because the actual point was in a cornfield on private property, we though that it would be best to just explore the area and poke around. After taking a small walk down a road we parked next to, we came upon a house that had very large dogs that began to observe us once we came near the house, after which we turned back toward the car and headed to a park at around