2008-10-30 35 -106

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Thu 30 Oct 2008 in 35,-106:
35.1089709, -106.5256160

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Bishop Wash: This geohash was in the middle of westbound Menaul Blvd between Eubank and Juan Tabo. A friend I was introducing geohashing to was thinking of joining me and noticed a Sonic was within a mile of the coordinates and we could try a GeoSquishy achievement. Unfortunately, he was to join me, but my wife and I headed towards Menaul after I got off work.

We first went to Sonic and each got a slush. Then we came down Juan Tabo, turned west on Menaul and drove through the hash. Just before the geohash, I noticed a Seven Eleven sign on the south side of Menual. I turned around and pulled into the Fina station. While I bought a Slurpee to up the number of GeoSquishy stars, my wife took a picture of the station and roughly where the hash was. We were within 300 feet of the coordinates while in the Seven Eleven parking lot. We got back on Menaul and were able to get up to the speed limit by the time we passed through the hash, while sipping the Slurpee.

This could possibly be a Déjà Vu Geohash, but I'm not in that area of town too often and I can't remember if I'd driven down that street before. Therefore, I won't claim that achievement.



GeoSquishy Achievement 5Star.jpg
Bishop Wash earned the 5 Star GeoSquishy Achievement
by earning 5 stars all at the (35, -106) geohash on 2008-10-30.
Bishop Wash earned the Speed racer achievement
by passing through the (35, -106) geohash on 2008-10-30 at the maximum legal speed.