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2008-10-12 55 -119

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Sun 12 Oct 2008 in 55,-119:
55.4999564, -119.3972475

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[edit] Location

Todays Beaverlodge, Alberta geohash was on the boundary between two cleared fields about 15 km north of the community of Valhalla Centre on highway 59.

[edit] Participants

Robyn and the airplane she flies for work

[edit] Expedition

After two other airhash attempts on the same trip, I was almost not going to try for this one. It was quite close to my destination of Grande Prairie and I had already started my descent. I'm glad I did, though, because it's a good airhash. It's within the mandated ten arc seconds of the point, the GPS photo worked out clearly and the point is visible on the ground through comparison with the google satellite image.

If you zoom in close on google, this area is blocked by clouds, but the closest satellite image without clouds shows the forest, the cleared fields and the river. If you look at the shapes of the fields alongside the river, you can identify the border between the fields, and even the dark strip, I think it's probably uncleared trees at a slough. I've edited the image with a red dot at the geohash location.

[edit] Photos

Robyn earned the Air geohash achievement
by reaching the (55, -119) geohash on 2008-10-12 by Plane, attaining the rank of Pilot.