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2008-10-12 56 -120

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Sun 12 Oct 2008 in 56,-120:
56.4999564, -120.3972475

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[edit] Location

This Fort St. John, British Columbia geohash was on rough land in the Doig River land district.

[edit] Participants

Robyn and the airplane she flies for work

[edit] Expedition

After a previous airhash attempt, this one was on the exact same track, so I continued towards it. The red low battery icon was flashing on the camera, so I had to limit my photo taking, but I think I got the right images.

The photos show the GPS indicating within 10 arc seconds of the point and the ground taken from a few miles back. The closest zoom on Google satellite images doesn't give me any feature that allows me to pinpoint the exact location in my aerial shot, but I can see the same pond/lake in both images and trust that the GPS was working.

The same straight line that brought me here from the previous geohash took me to one more geohash and my destination.

[edit] Photos

Robyn earned the Air geohash achievement
by reaching the (56, -120) geohash on 2008-10-12 by Plane, attaining the rank of Pilot.