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Thu 2 Oct 2008 in Oslo:
59.9332127, 10.8884438

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The hash was located at Østre Lindeberg Borettslag, conveniently close to Lindeberg station.




The day nearing its end, relet and the hash's location persuaded lyx to set out. The thought of gaining a new ribbon had occurred additionally, conceded. Turned out to be an erratic thought, after having read the requirements for the midnight geohash more carefully after (!) having endured all the hardships of the expedition.
As there were:
- getting off at Lindeberg station recognizing that it was dark and naming streets not very common in that area. Well, at least there were streets. Sort of.
- while closely examining the picture clever me had taken from google-maps with a camera, noticing that the same and only camera was low on battery power.
BUT despite of everything and thanks to a conveniently placed map of Østre Lindeberg Borettslag (link in norwegian, and not very interesting), lyx made it to the hash (about 300m far away) at midnight exactly. Yippiee! She took a picture of the house nr.27 from out of the bushes, where the hash lay.
On her way back she stopped at the map once again, and with the last spark of battery power the camera lighted her triumphant grin in front of the map.