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Thu 2 Oct 2008 in Würzburg:
49.9332127, 9.8884438

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Today's location is in a forest near Retzstadt.

Country: Germany; state: Bayern (Bavaria, EU:DE:BY); administrative region: Unterfranken; district: Main-Spessart



When I saw today's location on Wednesday evening, I was thinking: "Only 20 km away and less than 300 m of altitude difference to get there, this will be a nice trip before lunch." I set out early in the morning and the "nice trip" turned horrible.

There were steep climbs, bad roads, not-very-steep-but-very-long climbs, very bad roads, strong headwind... I was no fun at all and I was almost thinking about claiming the MNIMB achievement, but then I'm just a pussy without any stamina. I had troubles finding the correct roads and for a long time I was not sure about my direction but somehow I was always on the right path. On the last kilometer (see satellite view picture) there was no road at all, only vague signs that somebody passes there once in a while with a tractor. The area seems to be good for hunting because I saw 8 or 9 raised hides there. At the hashpoint I had to eat half of my chocolate provisions to regain energy.

For the first meters of my way back I took the road shown in picture 4 because I didn't want to wade through high grass again. The return trip was not much easier as I now had to climb the other side of all the hills, only the very-long-climb was now a nice long downward slope. Total distance cycled: 20.2km + 20.5km = 40.7km. Total uphill distance: 540 m