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Sat 13 Sep 2008 in 51,12:
51.9503779, 12.9611570

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To work during the whole weekend.


No really. There's a big internal review next week, and some more work to do. But then, there's two geohashes in the north east corner, right where they fill the blank spots for the regional geohash. And then there are two days in a weekend. That's one for work, and one for hashing. Poof! There goes the bad conscience.

So the good thing about a regional geohash is - regional tickets. The pricing system for the german railway system is, to say the least, elaborate. Having checked all the options and choosing the least intuitive one can save you a lot of money. Relet was surprised that this time it was the opposite. The full-day regional ticket for once was indeed less expensive than buying four tickets for the four rides he had to take. They probably did not expect anyone to ride randomly across the region during most of the day.

His first trip would lead him to the Leipzig graticule, which to date was still virgin. The hashes for today and east of 30W lie in the upper right corner, which yields some field of crops near Gölsdorf. The closest train station is Jüterbog, from whence relet rode his bike. The journey led him along the Flaeming Skate track, a wonderful network of inline skate tracks ranging from 11 to 104km. Relet comes here to skate long distances on his longboard from time to time, so the area is well known to him.

He follows the tracks for a while, and then switches to regular roads for the approach. Turns out the road which leads him to the hash is closed for repairs - meaning that he could ride on unmolested by cars and spectators. He finally reached the point of the road closest to the hash, locked his bike (<Lee Hazelwood voice>cos you never know</Lee>) and proceeded across a recently ploughed potato field. Hmm, potatoes!

Turns out the hash is on the next field, lying fallow. Relet took some photos, and screenshots, and headed back. On his return trip, he made pictures of the obligatory windmills, and visited a geocache at the confluence point of his home graticule (52,13).

He then headed back to the station, an took the train to Bad Wilsnack (via Berlin main station, hence the four trips).