2008-08-05 -35 149

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Tue 5 Aug 2008 in -35,149:
-35.2084245, 149.0909875

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Psud and Joanna made their way in late afternoon, through rain and peak hour traffic to the Canberra hash. With Psud's navigation GPS out of order, they had to rely on traditional navigation methods. Regardless they made it.

Immediately on stopping near the hash, a curious neighbour enquired as to what we were up to. He looked rather blank when told that the Internet had sent us, but he managed to talk himself into the idea that we were there to photograph the garden we seemed so interested in.

Rain was falling so the camera mostly stayed in the car, on its tripod, crooked.

Psud and Joanna posed under Psud's daughter's umbrella at the hash, Joanna juggled superbly, and we left.

Psud left a note for the residents of the geohash house.

The curious neighbour stopped watching us when we left, and rain made it difficult to get the obligatory tower shot from the hash point. Joanna discovered a hidden meaning in Canberra's car registration plates - those starting with a red Z are government; those starting YWE belong to the local water and electricity authority; those starting with YTA belong to Telstra (formerly known as Telecom Australia).