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West of -30°: .9856292, .0799660
East of -30°: .8559847, .7524062
Globalhash: 64.077245822, 90.866227205228 (GeoNames)

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[edit] Expeditions

Expeditions and Plans

Auckland, New Zealand Zaf's This was Zaf's first Geohash, and he found himself in Western Park after wo...
Jerusalem, Israel Someone went Link to the spot on Google Maps
Delta, Utah Lograh On a hillside off a small highway about an hour south of Salt Lake City, Ut...
Aurora, Illinois Blackbird Corner of a building with "IMAGING" written on the side in Bloomingdale, Il...
Minneapolis SW, Minnesota BikeMN Reached(?) by BikeMN.
Victoria, British Columbia robyn fell on Point Roberts, a point of land notable because although it is in No...
Eindhoven, Netherlands User:WookieTrash If the weather's any good, User:WookieTrash may head there after work. Nope.

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