2008-07-21 52 13

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The amazing beaver speed-o-meter

Mon 21 Jul 2008 in 52,13:
52.5541911, 13.2399131

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Main report is here: 2008-09-11 52 13

Another hash within the city limits of Berlin. From the satellite images, it looks like a planned park in some development area, with most of the area still being under construction. Now you never know how old the aerial pictures are.

Furthermore, another past hash lies close by. The hash for July 21 is located in a closed industrial/commercial complex on a small island in the river Spree. Since this was one of the first hashes relet planned to attend (but never did), he decided to pay it a visit.

Relet went by bike after work, leaving about quarter past six in the evening. It was a nice enough day and he soon reached the area of the retro hash. He entered the fenced area by the main road, and soon reached the first boom across the way. Waving at the guardsmen, he attempted to go around it. They were not so easily fooled, and yelled at him. Having failed at a polite introduction, he excused himself and asked for directions to the hash. They were not impressed that he was sent by the Internet and told him that he would not take photos on their site. Looking at his GPS, they discovered however that the location was not on their site at all and gave directions to another part of the complex.