2008-07-19 37 -121

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Sat 19 Jul 2008 in San Jose, California:
37.1094031, -121.8876392

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  • Google Maps link
  • In a farm field in just off of Loma Prieta road, just off of Summit, off of Hwy 17.

Intended attendees[edit]

  • Ted (and Vicki) will try to arrive around 3:30 to get permission, then off to the spot for 4:00. Will bring once upon a time. Going for the Ambassador achievement.


The farm was actually a very cute vineyard which was behind a locked gate that I didn't notice in my prior research. Vicki and I arrived with the dogs at about 3:40, and hung out until a little after 4. No one else was there at that time, and there was no way to contact the owners (no push-to-talk box or similar), hence we could not gain permission and I was denied my Ambassador achievement. Maybe next time.

Ted earned the No trespassing consolation prize
by almost reaching the (37, -121) geohash on 2008-07-19.

We took a couple of pictures, which I will post shortly.

Photographic Evidence[edit]