2008-06-29 -35 149

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Sun 29 Jun 2008 in -35,149:
-35.6080460, 149.5754466

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Psud met Kieran at the usual meeting place, the Glowing Cube for an attempt on a Canberra geohash. They waited for about 10 minutes for any other geohashers wanting a lift, but none arrived.

A long drive along good quality dirt roads led the intrepid geohashers to farmland just past Tallaganda State Park. They were greeted by a pair of black bulls. The bulls refused to talk to the geohashers. Undeterred they trekked an easy kilometer across rolling hills, with a slight interruption as Kieran slaked his thirst with a dose of water from a small creek. The hash itself was just beyond a new pine plantation, near a nice tree.

The geohashers photographed the spot and returned part of the way to the car to explore a boulder strewn waterhole fed by the stream they had stepped across on their way to the hash.

Finches were observed.

A dirt road provided a nice way back to the car, and the geohashers retired to a pub in Braidwood.

The sky darkened on the trip home, and Kieran discovered that he could make pretty pictures of the lights on and around the road with Psud's camera set to second and a half exposures.