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Sat 28 Jun 2008 in Wenatchee:
47.6581110, -120.3656342

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47.65811°, -120.365635° is located just below Dinkelman Ridge (near Entiat), about 200 feet off a forest service road.

3000 foot elevation gain in about 5 miles. No walk in the park.

47.65811°, -120.365635° - Google Maps-2.jpg

Who showed up?[edit]


  • Poi.
  • Stick-ball.
  • Chalk drawings.


  • Aaron saw two deer.
  • Skylar found rose quartz and wild dill.
  • Orville got cell phone reception.
  • Jeska navigated.

Afterwards, we went out for mongolian barbecue and old fashioned ice cream sodas.


  • Drag-Along Geohash: PBnJ enlisted Skylar and Orville, who had never heard of geohashing before but were game for a random adventure.
  • No Batteries Geohash: Our GPS supplier fell through at the last minute, so we had to rely on GoogleMap's Terrain View and the car's trip-ometer. Would have gone the last 200 feet (off-road) with measuring string and a compass, but the straightest route was also straight up, and heavily vegetated, so we went around, and eyeballed it with just the compass.
  • Circus Geohash: Orville, poi master! (Aaron also made an attempt.) We would have also tried slacklining if there had been more sturdy trees available.
  • MNIMB Geohash: This goes to the car, for getting us within 200 feet of the location. The last 5 or so miles were along a very steep, narrow, dusty, and primitive forest service road. Orville got out and moved rocks every once in a while. Suzie gained a few paint scratches, and we don't want to think about the dents she probably has on the undercarriage! We're just glad we found a place to turn around.


(Ignore the time-imprint... I thought I corrected that. I promise, we got there at about 4 pm!)

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