2008-06-22 37 -122

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Sun 22 Jun 2008 in San Francisco:
37.7465293, -122.2642328

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  • Google Maps link
  • I'm the one who dropped the alternate pin location on the map. Looks like a neighborhood, and I'm not sure what the property rights are on the land up to the water: might be the shoreline park, might not. I'll be at the road alternate location at 4 PM, and at 4:15 attempt to get to a shoreline point residing on the line straight from alternate to the original hash point. Kayakers in the bay pulling off a water hash will be bombarded with water balloons, if said balloons and a large catapult can be procured. --CipherSwarm


I almost reached it with a friend, and a guy Chris (DC Hasher) was in town and also showed up. We talked about San Jose traffic. Good beach, awesome view http://flickr.com/photos/jakobo/sets/72157605771363560/ and there was even a house for sale. :) --Jakobo 18:02, 23 June 2008 (UTC)