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Lol-asg.png 34 / m / 37,-121
Lol-asg.png 34 / m / 37,-122

He blogs, he codes, he works for LinkedIn. I hear they do professional networking stuff. He fell first into geocaching, then into geohashing, though they happened about the same time.

He lives in Mountain View, right near Castro St and the Caltrain.

He loves shiny things.

Geohashes Visited[edit]

2008-06-14, San Francisco - Made it out very late. Like, 6pm-6:30 late. Saw nobody around, and apparently missed all the fun. Lack of FRS radio and camera made this a bust, ah well.

Failed Geohash Attempts[edit]

2008-06-15, San Jose - Arroyo Hondu Road is not accessible. Or so I learned. Marsh just kinda ends. Did get a few photos while out geocaching in the area though There's got to be a way to the East side of the Calaveras Reservoir, though I have yet to find it.

2008-06-22, San Francisco - While not accessible, the beach it was near was awesome. Also met up with CipherSwarm. Close though, so very close.