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2008-06-14 34 -118

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Sat 14 Jun 2008 in Los Angeles:
34.8067463, -118.0388869

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[edit] The Meetup

Today's hash was on Edwards AFB, Northeast of Lancaster, CA. It was near Rosamond Lake, the only prominent geographic feature in the Antelope Valley that falls within the graticule.

I, Art, couldn't pass up the opportunity to check out the lake, and determine whether it even had water in it (Google Maps is unclear on this). However, the US military had other plans.

[edit] Planning

This is near Edwards Air Force Base near Lancaster, apparently in a dry lakebed. It is not clear if the exact location is on the restricted part of the base. However, the location is bounded by publicly accessible roads (Rosamond Blvd. to the north and Lancaster Blvd to the East).

We might want to consider meeting in the 33 -118 graticule, Long Beach, California. The hash this week is actually on land.

[edit] Who's Coming?

  • Mike can't make it.
  • Art will be there. Unless the men with guns tell him to stop.