2008-06-08 52 13

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Field effects[edit]

(Eine Frage der Ähre)[edit]

A cute horse
Two horses

This geohash was south east of Luckenwalde, close to the small village of Jänickendorf. On our way we passed a paddock and met two horses.

Some old farming structure
close up on the farming structure

There was some old farming structure nearby. It did not give the impression of still being in use, but was quite a view nonetheless.

The hash in the field

Sun 8 Jun 2008 in 52,13:
52.0475817, 13.2309159

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Unfortunately the hash turned out to be in the middle of a wheat field. We didn't want to stamp out all the wheat - we have no interest in trespassing - so we didn't reach it.

We were SO close
Windmills in the distance

We homed in as close as we could get. We spotted some windmills in the distance. They have become typical for the Brandenburg landscape; a lot of money is put into renewable energy here.

Another picknick
the forest

We went on and had our sunday picknick in the forest. Some forest ants were unfriendly, but it was nothing compared to the forest botflies last sunday.