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Two guys in the woods[edit]

Spreenhagen city limit sign
Remains of east german military control post(?)

This day's geohash was in the woods - about two kilometers east of Spreenhagen. Apparently someone did not like the fact that Spreenhagen is part of Landkreis Oder-Spree... Directly outside of Spreenhagen there was some old and decomposing east german structure - there probably once was a factory or military area of some kind. It looked like some kind of control post. An old turnpike was alongside the road, too.

into the woods
Vicious vampires

About a kilometer down the road we turned into the woods following a small forestry path. It was a hot and sunny day, so we enjoyed the shades. Along the path we were bugged by vicious (and quite tough!) botflies (or whatever they were). I'm still itchy all over my arms. Blood sucking monsters!

forestry structure

Sun 1 Jun 2008 in 52,13:
52.3491079, 13.9162389

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X without KCD

There were raised hides all along the path. Then finally - the X marked the spot! We instantly started looking for K, C and D - but to no avail. We reached the spot at about 3:30, then went to the canal for a picnic. We were back at the spot at 4:00. No one else came.

Eik pointing at the Hash
Thilo footing the hash

Rushing because of the attacking botflies, Eik reached the the Hash first. Thilo was second because he concentrated on hitting botflies (but mostly hit himself). There was no place to put the camera for a timed photo, so we took turns on the camera.

Standard Berlin geek picknick set

A little north we hit a small side canal of the Spree. The white spots on the water turned out to be a family of swans. No botflies there. Nice place for a picknick. Unfortunately because of the canal's steep banks there was no chance to jump into the water. It was very clean; we spotted fishes and a small water snake.