2008-06-07 51 5

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Sat 7 Jun 2008 in Eindhoven:
51.5017842, 5.1143708

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A field in Eindhoven




I took a train to Tilburg to reach this hash, I cycled with no problems through Goirle and arrived an hour early. I explored the area a bit but found little of interest. The hash itself was on a field that was being worked on by a tractor. Later I discovered to my surprise that is was being driven alone by a seven-year old.

The woods nearby were private property and everything was well-fenced off. Unfortunately my camera's battery died so I couldn't get proof for a Bicycle award, but I did managed to bring a TomTom to the location for a Land award.

At 16:05 it seemed I was the only one coming and decided to go back.