Sudbury, Ontario

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This is just a place holder for the Sudbury Ontario Graticule page. Sudbury is divided down the middle by longitude -80 and -81.

Expeditions are listed in Category:Meetup in 46 -80 and Category:Meetup in 46 -81.


2008-05-31 - Today's Location is South of Sudbury. The wife and I have chosen to hit the more westerly location, located in the 46,-81 area, since it seems to be much more accessable. It's just situated just off of Hwy 637 - The main road to Killarney Provincial Park. We will be heading there for roughly 4pm, and I will have a 2m handheld HAM radio tuned to 146.520 Mhz (standard call frequency). No FRS radio with us this time.

We chose the 46,-81 location purely for ability to access. The 46,-80 location looked to be ~12km off of the nearest road. A little too far to be walking into unknown bush for my liking.