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1981-09-04 49 8

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Fri 4 Sep 1981 in Mannheim:
49.2553915, 8.5558053

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[edit] Location

Danatar is born in Heidelberg, so his origin location is in the Mannheim, Germany graticule. It is in the forest, not far from the edge, near Kirrlach, a part of Waghäusel.

This is part of a doublehash/doubleretrohash expedition:

[edit] Retro expedition on 2009-10-17

[edit] Danatar

Ah, my origin location! I've been watching it for more than a year, and finally I pass near enough to it for a small detour.

I came from my 49 9 displaced origin and drove through Reilingen. The car was parked next to the road west of the hashpoint and I walked along the edge of the forest. When I was just south of the hashpoint I found a forest track and followed it until the North offset was correct. Ten steps between the trees and there I was. Well, I had to do the usual GPS dance first, but that doesn't count.

I took pictures and celebrated appropriately... Okay, I just celebrated... Okay okay, I confess, I did nothing except taking pictures. Then I walked back to the car and drove to Hockenheim.

Danatar earned the Origin geohash achievement
by reaching the (49, 8) geohash for 1981-09-04 on 2009-10-17.
1981-09-04 49 8 origin.jpg