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Fri 4 Sep 1981 in Würzburg:
49.2553915, 9.5558053

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Danatar's displaced origin location for the Würzburg graticule is in a field with small corn plants, directly next to the road between Orendelsall and Hohensall. The next bigger town is Öhringen.

This is part of a doublehash/doubleretrohash expedition:

Retro expedition on 2009-10-17[edit]


After today's hashpoint I continued along country roads towards my displaced origin location, not very far away. A light rain started again, but stopped before I reached the hashpoint. From Orendelsall on I used a narrow road which passed directly next to the hashpoint. I got out and stood at the edge of the hashfield. The GPS showed 0.00004° distance (3 metres) and I didn't want to trample the small plants, so I said "near enough" and drove onwards, to my real origin location.

Danatar earned the Displaced origin geohash achievement
by reaching the ({{{attemptlatitude}}}, {{{attemptlongitude}}}) geohash for [[{{{birthdate}}} {{{attemptlatitude}}} {{{attemptlongitude}}}|{{{birthdate}}}]] on 2009-10-17 after being born on {{{birthdate}}} in the ({{{birthlatitude}}}, {{{birthlongitude}}}) graticule.
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