Perth, Australia

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Green Head Badgingarra Moora
-31,114 Perth Northam
-32,114 Fremantle Armadale

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Today's Location: [Perth, Australia]

This graticule makes up the north western section of the city of Perth, which is split into four graticules. The southern boundary splits the city approximately along the Swan River and cuts Rottnest Island in two. If you walk the pathway southwards from Cottesloe beach you will see a gold line in the pavement marking the 32nd parallel. Keep walking and you will be in Fremantle, Australia. To the east it extends roughly to the base of the Darling Scarp (just past the airport) and west into the ocean. The northern boundary lies just past the beachside town of Lancelin.

In this graticule you will find a diverse mix of environments - long stretches of beach, built up urban and suburban areas including the city centre, rivers, lakes, parks, forest and farmland. And of course, ocean. Which means hashes may not be practical some days, but there are lots of opportunities for ribbons!

Local Hashers[edit]


2010-10-10 -31 115 Perth is deflowered!! Braving wind, rain and wild animal attacks, Phi-loci-raptor drags hashn00b Pyroteknik to his first hash in what is to be a double de-virgining and winning day all round.

2011-07-27 -31 115 Kings Park hash!

2012-08-08 -31 115 Nick_mz visits a hash point next to the Demon's Eftel Oval.


Some stuff has been moved to the Armadale, Australia page on the 10 Oct 2010

Zorg will be in perth with a car between the 20th and 14th, and will attempt to get to saturday meetups (muahaha, two most seperated geohashes achievement perhaps?)

Scott, Richard and Michael (three students from Churchlands Senior High School) are also planning on attending one of the next scheduled meetups and are relying on other geohashers to post the exact meeting point. They will update a reply as to whether they can make the next meeting or not.

See the Perth Geohash Facebook group for more discussion, daily posts etc.