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I'm Ben. I live in Cambridge (the real one, not the colonial ripoff) on the north side of town. I work for SENS Foundation as a research assistant to Dr Aubrey de Grey, partly because I want to everything, but do not have enough expected lifespan to everything as things currently stand.

How I Got Here[edit]

I heard about the Antarctic globalhash achievement and consequently discovered that geohashing had indeed taken off as a sport since I saw the Algorithm published on xkcd yonks ago and suspected it was too arcane to take off as a sport. This will teach me to underestimate the internet, which I still do foolishly often.

Since that happened within a couple of weeks of my decision to get super fit and healthy, it seems only logical to combine the two and become an epic geohasher. Currently, my only effective mode of transport is Shanks' pony, so it may be a little while before there is a hashpoint close enough for my first expedition - but I'm going to be watching Geco closely.


I have set medium-term goals to become a competent ultrarunner (current record 2.4km, but that's twice what it was 10 days ago, and ambition is good) and long-distance cyclist (gave away my last bike to a homeless fellow because I kept falling off and breaking things due to my craptastic balancing skills, but working out is already improving those detectably), at which point I will abuse the unfair advantage of living in one of the flattest and most absurdly pathway-studded places on the planet (plus working on permanent flexi-time) to claim hashes like cookies and break NWoodruff's record.

One day I want to claim a hash in every graticule in Great Britain, but that will take longer, especially because of Lizard Point. It would be nice if along the way I could set some sort of record for virgin hash deflowering, but I bet someone in a bigger country will beat me to that, or possibly already has. relet has apparently popped 32 cherries, which might be a current record? GB has about 46 virgins left, though...