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'The Habers who Dash without Relent' or 'The Constant Hatmakers'[edit]

From left to right: Angelo, Andy, Mo, Zach, Andrew "Bones", Sean; Located at Embry-Riddle outside of Prescott. The Relentless Haberdashers.jpg

Alternate Name Ideas[edit]

Name ideas included "Pterodactyl Dyke Brigade" and "^^/^." Many name ideas were shot down.


Feb. 5, 2009: Failed Hash[edit]

Failed Expedition on the 5th. We still left a mark.

Feb. 7, 2009: Successful Semi-Hash[edit]

Successful Expedition on the 7th. No absolute proof, we've not yet got a good GPS unit. Left a huge monument on a ranch. Discovered love for sentence fragments.

Recent News[edit]

March 11, Sean's suitemate Evan has a GPS unit.