2009-02-05 34 -112

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Thu 5 Feb 2009 in Prescott:
34.9455427, -112.6679608

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The Relentless Haberdashers first attempt at a hash. Almost a complete failure, all we can say for sure is we were closer when we ended then when we started. Mo, Andy, and Sean made the effort and decided that completely wrong was close enough.


Sean looked up the hash for the day, worked out a way to browbeat his friends into coming along (and driving him, too!), and then put his plan into action. Managed to get Andy and Mo to come along, and Angelo lent his camera to our noble expedition.

The driving map showed our route as going up 5 until it turned into Williams Valley (Road, drive, lane?) then the second left for a half mile and then 300 feet south. We started driving and were unsure when 5 ended. Driving onto a dirt road was a good tip off. After that none of the roads had name so we weren't sure if the turnoffs were roads or driveways. We drove north of Flagstaff (note: that's out of our graticule) then decided we'd take the next right and call it good enough.

Andy found a suitable spot and we got out. Quite windy and cold, but not TOO bad. We walked in an easterly southward direction until we found an area that looked nice, took some pictures and then left.