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Lol-asg.png 26 / m / 53,-1

My first expedition was:
2012-08-01 53 -2

My most recent expedition was:
2012-08-01 53 -2

My next expedition will be:

Where I tend to live[edit]

Current Location at time of last edit[edit]


Sheffield Hallam university[edit]

I'm attending University in the heart of the City of Sheffield (part of the Sheffield, United Kingdom graticule.) Here I am studying Web Design and Programming.

Home-town near Crewe[edit]

My home-town is a town between Crewe and Northwich in the Manchester, United Kingdom graticule, I come back here every Holiday and between school years.


For expeditions attempted and succeeded in more detail, see my expeditions page and for the achievement ribbons I've earned, see my expedition ribbons page.

listed from most recent to first without extra details are expeditions so far.


About me[edit]

First name is George.


Initially come across as somewhat shy, I've been told I'm friendly but I do tend to waffle on like a professor if somebody brings up a topic I'm particularly interested in.

A bit of a hoarder of factoids and information but apart from Computer Programming not really in depth on any subject.

interests include[edit]

Space, Physics (but not math, I find physics interesting but I'm very terrible at math), Philosophy, Fiction (particularly sci-fi and fantasy), History, Futurism, Singularity, Debate, PC Games, Long-form story Webcomics and some of the more intelligent/nerdy gag strips, Comics, Anime & Manga, Comedy, Stand-up, recently gotten into a pen and paper RPG and find it fun.

When it comes to fiction, for me, a gripping story and setting is more important than action and spectacle, unless it's a comedy.

If I ever end up in the same hash as you[edit]

If I ever end up in the same hash as you feel free to come over, I won't bite. The blonde (some say ginger) pale skinny awkward young lad with freckles is me.

Mode of Transport[edit]

I can't Drive so I'm limited to on foot and public transport, unless a lift can be got.

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