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Who Me?[edit]

I'm Angela Alcorn (Née Randall). I'm an Australian who now lives in Agen, France. I very nearly went geohashing once in Adelaide (before I left Australia), but we were late for something. So, I'm still a noob. I'm looking at all these Virgin French Graticules with a keen eye, though. Maybe when we're back for holidays I'll try again in Adelaide.

Professionally, I'm an Internet Studies graduate with a focus on social networks, online communities and journalism. I'm freelancing as an editor and web designer and I spend lots of time trying to improve my French. I also write several professional blogs as well as many personal ones (links to all of these blogs are best found on my ClaimID listing).

In free time I'm usually listening to music, walking, cycling, travelling, singing in choirs, playing online, writing, reading, dancing, watching movies, going to festivals and eating awesome food.

I get around a lot online, usually by the name Smange.

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