Adelaide, Australia

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Latest Coordinates and Map Quick-Links - North

Friday 2019-08-23 -34.8672240, 138.2652245

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Latest Coordinates and Map Quick-Links - South

Friday 2019-08-23 -35.8672240, 138.2652245

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Whyalla Port Pirie World's End
Maitland Adelaide, Australia Mannum
KingscoteAdelaide, Australia Murray Bridge
Cape Gantheaume -36,138 Kingston
Adelaide GraticuleN.png
The Adelaide Graticules

Located on the split of (-34,138) and (-35,138), Adelaide is the capital of South Australia. Due to the splits, the graticules also contain a number of surrounding towns on the both north and south of the city. Roughly 50% of the combined graticules is land, with the graticule used for meet ups will be the one closest to the CBD where possible.

The Adelaide, Australia graticule (-35 138) earned the Mostly Active Graticule achievement
for the month of September 2008 in the category coordinates reached by being the location of 4 successful expeditions.

Graticule Links[edit]

Completed Geohashes[edit]

Justin, Scott, Kyle, Beeawwb and co. earned the Virgin Graticule Achievement
by being the first to reach any hashpoint in the (-35, 138) graticule, here, on 2008-05-24.
Adelaide 20080524 1.jpg
Nathan and BobTheFish earned the Virgin Graticule Achievement
by being the first to reach any hashpoint in the (-34, 138) graticule, here, on 2008-06-16.


Arrow2.png 24th May - Southern suburbs near Morphett Vale
Arrow6.png 12th June - Northern Graticule, near Osborne (Alternate)
Arrow2.png 16th June - Northern graticule, near Munno Para
Arrow4.png 21st June - Northern graticule, in Lower Mitcham
Arrow2.png 8th August - Southern suburbs, between Flagstaff Hill and Bellevue Heights
Arrow2.png 10th September - Southern Graticule near the old Port Willunga Jetty
Arrow2.png 18th September - Southern Graticule, on the Strathalbyn Highway.
Arrow2.png 22nd September - Southern Graticule, near Strathalbyn.
Arrow2.png 29th September - Southern Graticule, close to the point of confluence.
Arrow2.png 30th September - Northern Graticule, north-eastern suburbs.
Arrow2.png 2nd October - Northern Graticule, near Woodside
Arrow2.png 13th October - Northern Graticule, in Montacute Conservation Park.
Arrow2.png 6th November - Southern Graticule, at Marion Uniting Church.
Arrow4.png 20th November - Southern Graticule, In someone's garage in Flagstaff Hill.
Arrow2.png 20th November - Northern Graticule, by the side of a road near Auburn.
Arrow2.png 26th November - Northern Graticule, in Morialta Conservation Park.


Arrow2.png 5th January - Southern Graticule, at a stobie pole.
Arrow2.png 29th January - Northern Graticule, near an abandoned airfield
Arrow2.png 9th February - Northern Graticule, in nighttime suburbia.
Arrow2.png 21st February - Northern Graticule, near Cuddlee Creek
Arrow2.png 13th March - Southern Graticule, near Strathalbyn
Arrow6.png 14th March - Southern Graticule, near the end of the earth


Arrow2.png 14th January - Northern Graticule, in Athelstone
Arrow2.png 4th February - Southern Graticule, Blackwood Forest
Arrow2.png 11th February - Northern Graticule, Monastery Oval


Arrow4.png 18th January - Southern Graticule, southeast of Chandlers Hill


Arrow2.png 9th June - Southern Graticule, Port Willunga


Arrow2.png 4th May - Southern Graticule, Sheidow Park
Arrow2.png 17th May - Northern Graticule, Henley Beach


Arrow2.png 13th April - Northern Graticule, Bowden


Arrow2.png 18th June - Southern Graticule, Hawthorndene

Arrow2.png 21st August - Southern Graticule, just outside Hahndorf

Local Geohashers[edit]