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2016-02-17 42 -72 A quick stop on the way home from a friend's house, in an abandoned lot.

2016-02-19 42 -73 A stop on our mountain Geocaching/antiquing trip. In the woods.

2016-03-05 42 -72 Took a hike at the Fanny Stebbins Wildlife Refuge. Found some caches and saw some nature.

2016-03-13 42 -72 A longest and most aggressive hike yet, with a geocache.

This user earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (42, -72) geohash on 2016-02-17.
This user earned the Two to the N achievement
by reaching 21 hashpoints on 2016-02-19 42 -73 and is promoted to Level 1 (Coordinates reached).
This user has visited an Easy Geohash
by reaching the (42, -72) geohash on 2016-02-17 without really trying.