2016-03-13 42 -72

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Sun 13 Mar 2016 in 42,-72:
42.3137448, -72.8392283

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Hiram H. Fox Wildlife Refuge in Huntington, MA.



Drive to Pisgah Road and find where the trail intercepts. Walk in and find the geohash and a geocache.


We ended up driving up the road on the east side of the lake and walking down a dangerously hilly power line trail. The hash was about 200 feet off of the clearing. After that, we decided to hike to the nearest geocache, "just" 0.3 miles away. We continued down the clearing before taking a left on an actual trail.

The cache ended up being a bit further north, and was very well hidden under leaves after six months of not being found. On the way back, we hiked in the woods instead of on the rocky clearing, and found an old logging road.

I would say that we are crazy and we would never do this again, but we actually are crazy. So of course we'll always be ready for the adventure.





Geocache we found, buried in leaves. — https://youtu.be/dM0ozWsqM64 And, we're out! — https://youtu.be/ucGd4egrlMU