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Lol-asg.png 28 / m / 42,-83

I am lizwiz's brother.

lizwiz introduced me to geohashing.

I am now a geohasher.

I like geohashing. I like my sister.


goirijo earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (41, -83) geohash on 2012-03-24.
                 to be continued!

My first Geohash[edit]

2012-03-24_41_-83 I first learned of geohashing back when the xkcd comic came out, but never really gave it any consideration. My sister however, had recently been bringing it up quite frequently in our conversations, and after hearing of her first adventure I decided it'd be a fun thing to do sometime. On March 24th I had somebody to do it with, time to do it and my ever faithful Diego (GPS) to guide me.

After getting some food, we plugged the coordinates into Diego and he promptly predicted our arrival in 30 minutes. Nothing out of the ordinary happened during the car ride, but nblum and I were both looking forward to our first geohash and excited to be travelling into the wild unknown. The unknown, it seems, is full of farmland. Eventually we arrived at Dundee, and Diego instructed us to turn onto Petersburg Rd. We drove for a while until Diego said "Arriving at coordinates, on left". At the first opportunity we parked the car (behind a green tractor) and backtracked with the GPS in hand. We walked down the road until our latitude was accurate, but the longitude was still a bit off and getting the exact hash would require stepping onto the field. After we convinced ourselves it was OK because there was nothing growing anyway and not it's not really trespassing we hopped on the field. It only took a few steps until we were there. We'd done it! Now what?

Since we were in a new place we decided to take a look around the area. We were mostly interested in a wine store nblum had spotted so we headed over. We were offered to taste a bunch of the wine they were selling free of cost, so we naturally accepted and tried some interesting things. We ended up buying a bottle each (sangria for me, cherry wine for her) and headed back to Ann Arbor.

Hashpoints I've been to[edit]

01 Arrow2.png Dundee, MI on Mar 24, 2012 GHWE sun.png GHTR car.png
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