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I thought it was getting a bit unwieldy to just have them all listed, so this will serve as a historical listing. Most recent first.


[edit] 2015

[edit] Jul/Sep

49. 2015-07-01 On the closed Baymeadows Golf Course, just off Baymeadows Circle.

[edit] Jan/Mar

48. 2015-01-17 Just outside Steak and Shake by 275 and San Jose.

[edit] 2014

[edit] Apr/Jun

47. 2014-05-09 Mudville Grille's parking lot in Arlington.

[edit] Jan/Mar

46. 2014-02-02 Subdivision in Temple, Georgia.

[edit] 2013

[edit] Oct/Dec

45. 2013-12-15 Golfing at Champions Club at Julington Creek.

44. 2013-11-28 By Cypress Elementary School in New Port Richey.

43. 2013-11-10 Off the road at Honeymoon Island.

42. 2013-10-09 Suburbs off San Jose Boulevard.

[edit] Jul/Sep

41. 2013-09-30 Londontowne complex in Jacksonville.

40. 2013-07-10 Antioch Cemetery, aiming to complete a reverse regional.

39. 2013-07-08 Etoniah Creek State Forest in Florahome. First threepeat!

38. 2013-07-07 Odessa Industrial Park on the way back to Jacksonville.

37. 2013-07-06 On a subcommunity road close to USF.

[edit] Apr/Jun

36. 2013-06-08 Behind an interior decorator half a mile from the beach.

35. 2013-05-27 St. Augustine Outlets.

[edit] Jan/Mar

34. 2013-03-10 Off in a subcommunity in Green Cove Springs.

33. 2013-03-09 Near the stadiums in downtown Jacksonville.

32. 2013-02-14 Valentine's Day hash just in the nick of time!

[edit] 2012

[edit] Oct/Dec

31. 2012-12-23 #5 Airborne quintuple multihash, a final easy one by Immokalee and Labelle.

30. 2012-12-23 #4 Airborne quintuple multihash, controlled fires by Lake Okeechobee.

29. 2012-12-23 #3 Airborne quintuple multihash, figure eights by Fort Pierce.

28. 2012-12-23 #2 Airborne quintuple multihash, northwest of Sebring.

27. 2012-12-23 #1 Airborne quintuple multihash, just off Sarasota airspace.

26. 2012-12-16 Alligator Point, one long roadtrip for the day.

25. 2012-11-30 A GPS failure on the outskirts of Jacksonville, but still successful.

24. 2012-11-24 Airborne failed multihash, but got one!

23. 2012-11-22 Behind Springfield College in Tampa.

22. 2012-11-18 By a park in Hawthorne after horrendous traffic.

21. 2012-11-14 A Tron Speed Racer in the deserted north.

20. 2012-10-16 Near the Jacksonville waterfront at dusk.

19. 2012-10-09 Coming back from the Keys, fortuitously placed!

[edit] Jul/Sep

18. 2012-09-30 Just off I-75 on the way back from Atlanta.

17. 2012-09-03 Golf Club at Sanctuary Cove.

16. 2012-08-19 Condos by the beach, plus revisiting an old geohash.

15. 2012-08-12 Diamond Ranch proved to be interesting with horse attention.

14. 2012-07-25 Ugh, Olustee is terrible.

[edit] Apr/Jun

13. 2012-06-10 Playground! Best geohash ever.

12. 2012-06-08 #2 A trainyard down by Port of Tampa.

11. 2012-06-08 #1 An empty lot in Citrus Hills, first multihash!

10. 2012-06-07 Right between roads at lunch.

9. 2012-06-02 The rural road that wasn't. Hash not reached.

8. 2012-05-21 Happy Geohashing Day from Jacksonville!

7. 2012-05-14 Mission City? That graticule that is 98% water? I will jump on any chance I get!

6. 2012-05-13 Same hash week, same hash graticule!

5. 2012-05-08 One month later and one year older, a successful hash at Haller Airpark!

4. 2012-04-08 Georgia can go to hell.

3. 2012-04-01 A trip to Faver Dykes State Park takes a turn for the worse; hash not reached.

[edit] Jan/Mar

2. 2012-03-18 Needed to get out of the house and local hashes were in the Atlantic. Road trip!

1. 2012-03-10 Very first geohash, entered TPC at Sawgrass before security didn't like my presence. Still, a successful trip!