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Lol-asg.png 34 / m / 38,-77

Hi, I'm Jay.

My graticule is 38,-77, although more specifically I live somewhere in the wilderness of Prince William County mere miles from civilization and Wal-Mart. I'm enitirely new to this geohashing bit and due to severely limited funds due to lack of employment, can't really plan on making too many meetups that aren't more than a few miles away.

I'm also interested in hitting up coordinate degree confluence points. I've visited the one for 39,-78 out in Paris, VA; attempted to visit the apartment were 39,-77 is, and am currently planning an expedition to just north of Smith Island for 38,-76. I never saw the point in geocaching as it seemed too random and never bothered to really do anything with it. I completely lack a handheld GPS unit, leaving me to have to use my laptop with a USB GPS receiver to find my position. The fact it's not a netbook and a "full-size" 15.4" model makes that difficult, awkward, and probably funny to look at.

I will try to circulate the chat room (as I'm also an irc addict) as dewdude.